Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do you know whether recipient has read your e-mail?

Hello guys. Have you ever wondered if the electronic mail (email) sent by you has been read or not? Well, the answer generally is you have wondered but could not find the answer. Without any specific commands and other tools, you can not normally say that the email sent by you to someone has been read or not.

Spypig ( is a simple, free online service that lets you know exactly that. Most importantly, it is so easy to deal with and does not needs any registration. Open up the web site.


Step 1: Enter your own email address (the sender’s email ID).

Step 2: The title of the message

Step 3: Select any image of your choice. This will go along with the message.

Step 4: Create your tracker. Click on to create your “SpyPig”.

Step 5: Copy the image from here, and paste it in your message. For specific browsers, instruction are provided as label under the step.

Step 6: Send your email as usual, sit back and enjoy for you are now able to track whether that has been read or not.


For geeks, stay tuned up. I will bring a more interesting set of commands to do that.