Monday, February 16, 2015

Secure your Google and add 2GB to your Drive!

Google, in their recent blog post, have urged users to complete a security checkup of their Google account before 17th february and they are gifting 2 GB of storage space to their Google Drive permanently for this. According to the post, it is "A quick checkup and a simple thanks".

And its pretty simple, will not take more than a minute.

Step 1: Click here to open up the security checkup webpage, and perform below three activities which is as easy as 1-2-3.
Step 2: Verify your Recovery Information.
Step 3: Review your Recent Activities.
Step 4: Check your Account permissions for some apps and devices (like some Android app or your mobile device).
Step 5: Remember to eliminate unnecessary permissions or report any suspicious activity. The main agenda is to confirm with you that your account is secured and recoverable.
Once you are done checking the above 3 steps, you will see a screen as below with all three steps checked.


According to the blog post, the three ticked checkboxes above "confirm you’re eligible for the free storage and, more importantly, that you’ve taken steps to enhance your online safety".

This checkup is worth it, since most people use multiple Google services, login from multiple places, use multiple devices with Google account signed-in, and also register to different websites like Stackexchange using Google sign-on among host of other services. So its good to always look into your account security frequently.

Users who finish their account checkup as mentioned above by 17 February, 2015, will automatically be granted additional 2 GB storage space permanently to their Google Drive around 28 February, 2015, and notified by email when space is upgraded.