Thursday, October 21, 2010

Travian 4 Beta–The First Show

Hello every one. One thing that I never mentioned here is that I play Travian. And I have been enjoying the game for 2 years. For all of the time, the game has been same in graphics and features. But recently, an email was dropped into my inbox stating:

Hello xploreraj,
The time has come: the closed-BETA version of Travian 4 is available – exclusive and in advance of the main release!
As one of the chosen few players you now have the opportunity to go ahead and explore Travian 4.
This is your chance to be part of it right from the beginning and enjoy a completely new Travian.
As it is a closed BETA version, the number of registration keys is strictly limited. It is not possible to sign up for the closed BETA without receiving an exclusive registration key.
You will receive your personal registration key for the exclusive closed BETA of the new Travian within this e-mail…

And the wait started when finally the count down went off today around 1500 hours. Foremost, I’d like to share with you two screenshots


As is depicted clearly, the graphics is stunning and the site is built on PHP, so very dynamic. The images are high, so during the first load, I had to give time to my browser Opera v10.63 to build up it’s cache over Windows 7 Home Basic platform (my PC). After the initial load, the loading is stunning, and the joy over graphics is magnificent.

The game runs on a 3x speed server. And there are so many new features (many were expected and earlier provided by a number of non-Travian GmbH web sites), almost all of them lying in the premium packages. Worth mentioning, some of them are: Farmlist, Troops evasion, artefacts, Hero’s resource advantage, etc.

And, as usual with a nice blog, the author promises to deliver new articles as he encounters more fun and joy in the limited access Beta of Travian, the Browser Game. Thank You.

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