Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Using fake credit card numbers and email id for trial offers

Ever wondered why many trial offer sign-ups require your credit card or other billing details. Simple, these companies, don't want to let you go. They have a product and they want to sell it to you. These companies may be trusted brands or untrusted ones. Also, many times you need to download something from a website but you hesitate from providing your actual email id or credit card details.

When most online companies send trial offers to you, they make it mandatory for you to enter your credit card details in the sign-up form. After expiration of the trial period, if you do not explicitly cancel the subscription, they assume you are happy to go forward and they charge your card. That is absolutely fine according to their terms and conditions. And in case of spammy or untrusted websites, you are at a larger risk of losing your details to many other untrusted parties without your consent.

But, what about you? Did you really want to pay after the trial period? Did you fear about sharing your card details on an untrusted website just for checking out some exciting trial product or offer?
Here's the catch! To your rescue, there are:
- fake credit card numbers
- fake email addresses (or temporary email addresses)

1. If you want to just enjoy the offer and you know you will not pay after trial period, use temporary email address and fake credit card details. A temporary email address will get you signed up and access the trial service/product.

2. If you want to enjoy the offer and need to hold the option to continue in case you are impressed by it, use a proper accessible email address and fake credit card details. Because if you decide to continue the service, you can just change the billing details just before the trial period's expiry date.

3. If you are know what you are doing, trust the online service and its offering, and you know you will continue after trial period expires, you should use a proper accessible email address and proper billing details.

You can google out a lot of temporary email address providers or fake/test credit card numbers. In the case of a phone number mandatory field, unless the websites sends you a confirmation number or PIN, you can key in any random number.

The temporary email service providers give you a disposable email id for a specific duration ranging from a few minutes to a few weeks. They might offer you their own inbox and simply email redirection to your own id. Check out or for example.

As far as fake or test credit card numbers are concerned, all the service providers like VISA or Master Card follow some algorithms. Websites like generate random card numbers with those algorithms but without a valid CVV or expiry date or account holder name etc. You can key in according to your wish.

So now, you do not need to stop yourself from signing up from something, in genuine sites or in untrusted sites. Simply, enjoy the offer.

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