Wednesday, June 8, 2011

‘Bing’ your social search with Facebook

Most of you have used Facebook search, and must have seen the search page having profile of searched persons along with web search results from Bing. Well, there is business agreement between their parents: Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. And now, you have more power in your kitty with Bing web search going social aided by your Facebook account.

How to use?

To use  Bing social search, you’ll have to be logged in to your Facebook account. If you are already logged in, you may directly open up Bing home page at  and start exploring social search. Otherwise, you can open up the home page and go to the top right part and click on ‘Sign in’ to sign in with your Facebook credentials.


Remember, your privacy is taken care of very seriously, so you remain tensionless. Only your friends will see what you have liked or shared. Your public Facebook profile information will only appear to people based on your Search for you on Facebook setting on Facebook. For example, if set to Friends of Friends, then only your Facebook friends and friends of friends would be able to find you in Facebook profile search on Bing For a public computer, it is recommended to sign out of your Facebook account after your session is over.

Social search details

Bing embeds in the web search page the resultssearch_liked which have your friends’ likes- news, celebs, activities, etc., and while you search for hot news and topics, you can gain further relevance from your friends’ likes.


Along with these, you can also search for people. Bing social search shows the most relevant people findto you. It gains relevance from your mutual friends. Just type in the person’s name and hit search. Along with the profile pic and number of mutual friends, you have the link to ‘Add as friend’ as well as ‘Send a message’.

Turning off social search

You can disable the feature by clicking on “Disable” in the top-right portion of your first five search pages. After that, you can do it manually by going to ‘Privacy Settings’ in your Facebook account.



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