Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Do You Love! All-in-one Google Search

Yes, with Google endeavoring to create, modify, update and again create cutting-edge technologies and services for its clients, we can expect only more from the California based Internet giant, and this time you will find out what do you love. Really!

I just discovered their recent development is what can be seen as neatly organized top search results returned from various popular Google products. This means you can search across all the Google products from one website:

Currently, the web site includes displays results from popular tools like Google Blogs, Maps, Earth, YouTube, Groups, Discussion, etc., and in addition you can also perform tasks like search the popularity of the search token with Google Trends, send an email to someone about it from your Gmail account (requires you to be signed in), translate the search string into 57 linguistics, use Calendar, etc..

This means a wholesome search around Google but with Google web search results missing. Below is a screen shot for search string- news international.

Bravo, you can now finish your cup of tea while peeking into what do you really love in a matter of just single web page.

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